O.A.R.'s unique sound was born in drummer Chris Culos's basement while the band was just in high school. They released their first album, The Wanderer, prior to graduating, and the band stayed together throughout college with all members attending The Ohio State University. The band recorded two additional albums before leaving Columbus, and in 2001, they began pursuing their musical dreams full-time. By the end of 2008, O.A.R. had released six studio albums and three live double disk CDs.

The band reached several career milestones with the release of their sixth studio album, All Sides. It was their highest debut to date, landing at #13 on the Billboard 200, and the album's first single, "Shattered," spent fifteen weeks on VH1's top 20 Countdown.

O.A.R. has come a long way since their days of practicing in Culos's basement, and as their success has grown, so has their desire to not only create music, but to raise awareness of social causes. Says band member, Marc Roberge, "if bringing awareness to what (RED) is doing helps one person receive antiretroviral treatment and live a healthy life, we have accomplished our goal."